Please read this. Regardless of your beliefs, it is relevant.

All adults must vote so we have an accurate definition of what this country is and represents. It is a fact that we are now the furthest we have ever been to what was put on paper by our forefathers. The definition of America. “A nation of opportunity for all who seek it” is not the country we live in. These last 4 years regardless of blame has clearly defined the divide of our country.

If we all vote, the results of the majority decision will give this country a new definition regardless of who wins. Those results will allow us to form an informed opinion whether or not this country is for us or not.

This is why we all must vote. It isn’t to be saved. It is to end the purgatory that we have put ourselves in by straying so far from the black inked idea of what America is supposed to be. At this point we are no longer in good standing with the rest of the world (in my travels I have discovered that we are a joke).

Please — please, regardless of who you vote for, we must have an accurate common decision of what the majority stands for so if that doesn’t work for us we can make an informed decision on where and when we should stay or leave.

Let’s end the toxic “my America, their American” classification. Let’s climb out of this purgatory and stand United — for Liberty and Justice for All.

Thank you for your time,

KaL MichaeL

‘Vote American’ means voting to be united for liberty and justice for all regardless of beliefs or skin color.



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